Patagonia Gourmet

About us

Fincas de olivos centenarios desde 1880

Since 1880, our plantations, our family, our olive oils

Located in Mendoza - Argentina, our olive groves,  extend at the foothill of the Andes, irrigated by the clear waters from the melted snow-capped of the Andes.

We are the fifth generation born in Mendoza, originally in the south, when it formed part of the Patagonia region.

Today, our award-winning oils are made with the latest technology, but the traditional attention to deep commitment to excellence to ensure the quality and unique taste en every bottle.

Our all-natural extra virgin olive oils: varietals, premium quality blends and organic are the result of a predictable quality process that starts with the selection and the production care of the olive trees, through the harvest, to the elaboration in new generation oil mills.

Patagonia Gourmet olive oils comply with the Maipu-Mendoza DOP and the Argentine Food Quality Seal fron the Argentine Farming, Fishing, and Food Administration regulations.