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A closer look at our extra virgin olive oils

Frantoio varietal: An extra virgin oil  made from  the ripest frantoio olives,  has an aroma with very intense olive notes and a special fragrance. Acidity:  below 0.4% Certificate:  Best  Frantoio Varietal-Olivinus 2009 Gran Prestigio Oro award, Cuyoliva 2009 Olivo de Oro award. It is perfect as a dressing for raw vegetables, and excellent for cooking as well.  

Arauco Varietal: An extra virgin olive oil with a slightly velvety aspect as it is gently filtered, thus retaining its lively, wholesome taste of freshly pressed oil Acidity: below 0.5% Certificate:  Olivinus 2009 Prestigio Oro Award, Cuyoliva 2009 Olivo de Oro award. It is particularly recommended for uses that do not require cooking.

Organic Grand Coupage: This extra virgin olive oil is an olive nectar of the highest quality, it derives from a delicate pressing of only the pulp of the organic olives. Acidity: below 0.4% Certificate:  Olivinus 2009 Prestigio Oro award With  rounded taste and intense aroma, it is wonderful as a dip for crusty bread, or as an ingredient in dressings and marinades.